Most people’s first encounters with photographic images start at home. 

These visual relics can form a mental picture of ones personal history and evoke feelings of personal attachment. It is this complex relationship with personal photographs that I am interested in. The role of photographs in daily life seems incomparable to any other relationship with an object. 


This series has been solo exhibited at,

  •  VU, Centre de Diffussion et de Production de la Photographie, Quebec City, Canada.
  • BLUE SKY GALLERY- Portland, USA.
  • P.I.T SPACE GALLERY - Melbourne, Australia.

The MOMENTOS project images were all shot on either medium or large format colour negative film and printed as large format (39x39 inch) digital photographic prints. Text quotes by participants accompany the display. Including:

The photographs say at times what words don’t reveal.



“They are mementos of former significant times and life stages.

-Guna Scaife

Your memories change according to the photos you keep (or are given).

-Beverley Laing.

The series consists of 50 images produced between 2003-2005 in Canada and Australia.